Depending on where you are at with your music, there will be numerous different considerations when trying to complete your current or next recording project. It is important to understand that your initial recording is the fingerprint upon which your entire recorded sound will be built. In audio there are famous slogans that apply here; two that come to mind are “Fix it in the mix!” and the old classic “You can’t polish a turd”.

“Fix it in the mix!”

As a less experienced engineer I always wanted to believe that you couldn’t fix it in the mix….but, with the modern tools offered it can be done with a great amount of skill and expertise. But here’s the problem with trying to fix a recording in the mix; TIME. While it is possible to salvage an otherwise unusable recording through a perplexing toolbox of studio trickery, one must ask why this needs to happen. Unless the recording encompassed some magical take that could never otherwise be recreated, it makes more sense to get a better recording. This in turn will save on recording expenses in the mixdown and mastering processes. So with that said, trying to save money by recording yourself or recording cheaply may actually cost you more in the end! Invest in your recording from the start and you are on track to success from the starting gate. Which brings us to…

“You can’t polish a turd”

This is why rehearsal and practice prior to recording is so important. The only recording that should be done in the premature stages of rehearsal is to give yourself a recorded reference of what you sound like for the purpose of practicing and improving your performance prior to recording. No amount of studio trickery and repair is going to make something bad sound good. Be patient, work with your craft and prepare for the quality recording that you earn and afford yourself upon maturation of your artistic concepts. Recording is an art as well and that relies upon the rehearsal and time a musician puts into their work.

Recording is something that deserves respect and attention if you plan for a successful career in music. Treat your recordings with respect and they will do the same for you. To discuss recording in Chicago further contact us at Studio 11 312-372-4460 or at

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