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Recording at Studio 11 in Chicago.


Here at Studio 11 we take the process of recording your audio very seriously.
Not only do we consider recording a delicate form of art, but it is a beautiful and
complicated science as well. Every aspect of recording your audio is taken into
consideration from the quality of the source being recorded (drums, bass, guitar, keys
vocals, synths), to the environment they are being recorded in, to the microphones,
preamps, and signal processors the source signal may be traveling through, and finally
to the media your audio is being recorded to, whether be digital or analog. Every step
is vitally important in the whole process of recording superior audio for your music,
television or multi media project.


Our flag ship recorder is Digidesign’s ProTools 10 HD6 Accel or Protools 2022 Ultimate system running on a
fully loaded 12 Core Intel Mac. Over the years, we have found that when it comes
to recording your projects, the power, reliability and speed of Pro Tools is second to
none. If need be, we can record up to 32 channels simultaneously. We also own Logic
Pro, Ableton Live, and Cubase for clients that prefer using a different DAW. For the
ultimate audio aficionado, we also have a Sony APR-24 2-inch analog tape machine, which
is considered by many engineers as the cleanest sounding tape machine ever built.
We found it is not only great for recording clean saturated drum & bass sounds, but
printing final mixes and masters to as well. Lastly, we own an Alesis ADAT Type 2
& Tascam DA-78 for those that prefer using Digital Audio Tape or need to make tape
transfers into Pro Tools.


When it comes to recording, every style of music has its own signature blend of
sounds that are created in the recording process. We take pride in the fact that over the
years we have made an extra effort in acquiring the right gear to realize the vision of
your projects overall sound.


Vocal & Voiceover Recording – Here at Studio 11, vocal tracking is something we do
everyday. Whether it be on a trunk shaking Rap/Trap song, club stompin EDM jam,
or Commercial Pop Radio hit, we get that vocal sound that other studios only claim
to get. What gives us this sound is our powerfully simple vocal chain that includes
the Audio Technica 4060 tube condenser microphone and the Manley Voxbox. We
also like to occasionally use the Groovetubes Vipre when we are looking for a slightly
warmer pre-amplified vocal sound. Other microphones and pre-amps are available
here at Studio 11, but time and time again the AT 4060 and the Manley Voxbox are
what always deliver.


Drum Recording – After tracking drums in different studios all over the world, we
have to boast that the drum sounds we get right here at Studio 11 are really second to
none. What gives us this great sound is not only the great acoustics in our live room,
but also the great microphones we use, along with the combination of preamplifiers
and EQ’s on our Oram /Trident BEQ 24 console and outboard signal processors. We
also have a fully tuned 5 piece drum kit set up and mic’d so we can record drums at
any time. Come on by and give em a wack!

Read more about recording at Studio 11 Chicago HERE.




Recording at Studio 11 in Chicago.

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