Some Background On The Focusrite Blue 315 Equalizer.

The Focusrite Blue 315 is an iconic equalizer that has a rich history within the world of professional audio and music production. Here’s a brief history of the Focusrite Blue 315 Equalizer:

The Early Years of Focusrite: Focusrite, a British audio equipment manufacturer, was founded in 1985 by Rupert Neve and other audio engineers. The company quickly gained recognition for its high-quality analog audio processors, preamps, and equalizers.

The ISA Range: In the late 1980s, Focusrite introduced the ISA range, which included the ISA 110 and ISA 130 modules. These modules offered high-quality preamps and EQ options. The ISA 110 was particularly significant, as it was a fully parametric equalizer with a Focusrite’s renowned preamp section.

The Development of the Focusrite Blue 315: The Focusrite Blue 315 Equalizer, also known as the ISA 215, was a product that emerged from the company’s work on the ISA range. It featured two channels of equalization with the characteristic blue faceplate that became synonymous with Focusrite’s vintage designs.

Iconic Sound and Design: The Focusrite Blue 315 was celebrated for its classic British sound and its musical and transparent EQ capabilities. It became a favorite among recording engineers and producers for its ability to shape and enhance the audio signal with a characteristic warmth and precision.

Digital Conversion and Modernization: In addition to the analog version, Focusrite later introduced digital versions of its ISA range, including the Focusrite Blue 315. These digital versions incorporated A/D and D/A converters, making them suitable for modern digital recording workflows while preserving the classic sound of the analog units.

End of Production: The original Focusrite Blue 315 and other ISA modules were discontinued in the early 2000s. However, their legacy and sound continue to be sought after by audio professionals and enthusiasts.

Revival and Legacy: In 2014, Focusrite revived the classic Blue 315 Equalizer by releasing the Focusrite ISA 215, a single-channel version of the original dual-channel unit. This release allowed a new generation of users to experience the classic Focusrite sound and design.

The Focusrite Blue 315 Equalizer and its related ISA modules remain iconic in the audio industry. Their classic British EQ sound, along with the characteristic blue faceplate, has made them timeless pieces of gear, and they are highly regarded for their ability to shape and enhance audio recordings with a touch of vintage warmth and precision. These units have left a lasting legacy in the world of professional audio equipment.



The Focusrite Blue 315 MK2 Isometric EQ is part of Focusrite’s Blue Range world-class analog mastering range of products. It is actually a heritage product, no longer manufactured or distributed to retail stores by Focusrite and extremely hard to come by. All Blue products are designed to perform to the very high standards established by Focusrite’s legendary analog processors, and provide unparalleled fidelity in mastering, transfer and recording work. The Blue 315, like other Blue Range products, does not feature transformers, since all transformers introduce a slight coloration in the signal path that is usually not desired at the mastering stage.

The Blue 315 MK3 is a 4-band parametric equilizer, with an option for shelving in the 1st and 4th bands. Each band has an option to choose between hi & lo frequency as well as having an octave control or Q knob. The gain structure is set at .3 db per click on each EQ’s gain knob. Each frequency on every band is tied to its own circuit, allowing for greater transparency and accuracy in the equalization process. There are also 3 input knobs, each controlling a greater ratio in gain structure.

Here at Studio 11, we use the Blue 315 MK3 all the time in our mastering chain. We found that it is great for adding that pleasing layer of shine in the upper frequency spectrum. Some engineers’ talk about how this box can have a tendency to smear sound, but we like a little smearing as it adds smoothness and a little warmth to the overall mix or master. It is especially useful when eq’ing mixes that are printed to tape because of its clean sound.




A Dynamic Audio Sculptor: Focusrite Blue 315 Equalizer Review

Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

The Focusrite Blue 315 Equalizer is a timeless piece of audio equipment that stands as a testament to exceptional engineering and precision. As an audio professional who has had the privilege of working with a variety of equalizers, the Blue 315 is a true gem that never ceases to amaze with its unparalleled sound sculpting capabilities.

Sonic Excellence (★★★★★): The Blue 315 Equalizer sets a gold standard for audio quality. It offers precise and transparent equalization that enhances the audio without introducing coloration. The sound it imparts is simply pristine, making it ideal for both recording and mixing applications.

Musical and Versatile (★★★★★): What sets the Blue 315 apart is its musicality. It excels at enhancing the richness and clarity of audio sources, whether it’s a vocal track, an instrument, or an entire mix. The equalizer’s versatile four-band design, with both shelving and parametric bands, allows you to sculpt sound with surgical precision. It’s a tool that adapts seamlessly to a wide range of musical genres and audio tasks.

Ergonomic Design (★★★★☆): The Blue 315’s ergonomic layout ensures that adjusting the EQ parameters is an intuitive process. The large, well-labeled knobs and LED indicators provide an excellent user experience. However, beginners may require some time to get accustomed to its layout, given the extensive control options.

Balanced Audio (★★★★★): This equalizer includes balanced XLR connectors, which contribute to a clean and noise-free audio signal path. Its professional-grade build quality ensures its compatibility with both studio and live sound setups.

Timeless Aesthetic (★★★★★): The Blue 315’s design, featuring the iconic Focusrite blue and white color scheme, exudes a timeless aesthetic that aligns with its classic sound. It’s a piece of gear that feels like a work of art in a studio setting.

Build Quality (★★★★★): Focusrite is known for its exceptional build quality, and the Blue 315 is no exception. It’s built to withstand the demands of professional use, ensuring that it remains reliable for years to come.

Enduring Appeal (★★★★★): The Blue 315 Equalizer has an enduring appeal that transcends eras. Its sound quality continues to be celebrated by audio engineers and producers. It’s a tool that has been used in countless hit recordings and is highly regarded in the audio industry.

Final Thoughts: The Focusrite Blue 315 Equalizer is a dynamic audio sculptor that brings audio to life with its exceptional sonic capabilities. Its transparent and musical equalization makes it a standout choice for professionals who demand the utmost in sound quality and versatility. It’s a piece of audio equipment that adds a touch of audio magic to any recording or mix.

Whether you’re fine-tuning the tonal balance of a mix, enhancing the character of a vocal performance, or adding richness to an instrument, the Blue 315 Equalizer is a reliable companion that brings your sonic vision to reality. It’s a classic that continues to inspire and set the bar high for audio equalization.





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